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Personal Property Appraisals

Shawn Gannaw is a Certified Canadian Personal Property Appraiser and a member in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. ( )

This service is utilized and trusted by individuals who are appointed as Executors/Trustees of estates, Lawyers in cases of Divorce and Estate Settlement, Banks and Lending institutions and more.

I can be utilized as a single point, 'one desk approch' for all your personal property appraisal and Real Estate needs.

My first question often is "Why do you want/need this appraisal? How will it by used?"


Fair Market Value: The value at which an item would change hands on the open market with neither party being forced to buy or sell. At an auction the competitive nature of auction often drives the price of an item much higher than even retail value. That is why the most valuable items are sold at auction it is the best method to realize maximum value for unique and rare items. With more ordinary pieces, auction prices are usually a little lower than the price that would be asked for the item in a retail environment


Retail or Replacement Value: This is of course the value or price an item or object can bring in an antique store or retail environment.


Insurance/Replacement Value: This is the value put on an item so that the owner can replace an object if it is destroyed or stolen. Insurance values tend to be set at the higher end of retail value. This is done so that the insured item can be replaced with enough insurance money to buy an equivalent item at the current price.


(One thing to be aware of is that it is not ethical or legal for an appraiser to take a percentage of the value of an item as a fee for doing an appraisal for you. The charge for doing an appraisal includes the amount of time it takes to get to the item (its location) inspect a piece, do research and prepare the written appraisal document. Always choose a qualified appraiser for written appraisals and for all of your appraisal needs. Find an appraiser you trust to value your cherished items. Appraisers may be a generalist and have a wide knowledge of many items or a specialist, who specializes in one area. Keep in mind that an appraisal is one experts opinion as to the value of any object.


Please note that we do not provide appraisals through email or any electronic documents, you must contact our offices to set up an appointment. We charge a professional fee for our appraisal services and would be pleased to discuss our current fees with you.)

Mission Statement
CPPAG is a Canadian made, national, personal property appraisal organization comprising a network of accredited appraisers spanning from coast to coast. CPPAG provides personal property appraisal training and accreditation to its members who come from a diversity of backgrounds including: auctioneers, bailiffs, insurance industry, antique and equipment dealers, accounting and financial institutions and lawyers. CPPAG's objectives are:

To establish a uniform standard for Personal Property Appraisal reporting that users of appraisal reports will recognize as the necessary standard;
To promote a professional impression as qualified, accredited personal property appraisers;
To ensure that CPPAG Graduates maintain and practice the CPPAG Code of Ethics; and
To expand our membership base and national network of Members in Good Standing from a diverse area of expertise.
We will accomplish these objectives by:

Requiring all Members in Good Standing to successfully complete the comprehensive training seminars and exam;
Requiring all candidates accepted for Member in Good Standing status to complete a Personal Disclosure Form containing information related to potential fiduciary responsibilities to their clients;
Requiring an annual renewal and renewed commitment from each member; and
Communicating to members through annual newsletters, special bulletins, annual Members Directory and Handbook and this web site.